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ASPEA - Portuguese Association for Environmental Education, in partnership with French NGO Monde Pluriel, will organize the III European Youth Conference "Cross-cultural Dialogues to Take Care of the Planet” from 21 to 24 May 2018.

This conference aims to bring together a group of 120 participants (youngsters aged 13-16, facilitators aged 18-30, teachers, scientists and NGO coordinators) from 10 European countries under the auspices of the "Let's Take Care of the Planet" (LTCP) project, coordinated at European level by French NGO Monde Pluriel.

The LTCP project is in line with the Objectives for Sustainable Development (ODS) and International Citizenship, empowering young people with capacities and competences to understand the global nature of socio-environmental issues in their intercultural dimension and preparing them for the discussion of social issues with the aim to develop a critical thought and concrete collective projects.

The aim of the LTCP project, in its European dimension, is to support the dialogue between young people and decision makers on issues related to sustainable development and to strengthen their action and commitment towards more sustainable societies.

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